Who is Selim Aïssel?
Selim Aïssel is a modern spiritual master in the line of Master de Faria, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, and Ancari. Founder of several schools of wisdom, one of which is located in eastern France, he has for over 20 years been transmitting his knowledge and practical experience in a living and direct way, to pupils of the Schools of Psychoanthropology (Schools organised along the model of Schools of the Fourth Way).
Selim Aïssel has integrated the study of modern psychology and diverse spiritual currents (including Zen and Sufism) into the practical work of Gurdjieff's Fourth Way. His Spiritual Psychology is the fruit of twenty years of work, based on concrete practice. While at the same time offering reasoned analyses of psychological, pedagogical, religious, and spiritual theories, his teaching focuses on practical application, since it is through practical application that men and women truly evolve. He has thus developed a psychology of becoming that is at the same time a genuine path of self-realisation. This path is not considered uniquely from an individual standpoint, but also includes the individual's integration into humanity and into a further, universal dimension. Selim Aïssel believes in the profound unity that is hidden behind appearances, people, and ideas, and he indicates the path toward this unity, which necessarily begins with the acquisition of Freedom, and culminates in Love.
Selim Aïssel is the author of over 50 books (currently available in French and, partially, in German) on spirituality and its application in our daily lives.
The most well-known titles include:
  • The Spiritual Psychology
  • The New Spiritual Psychology
  • Love and Sexuality on the Spiritual Path
  • A School of Wisdom Today
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • The Great Spiritual Ideas at the Dawn of the 21st Century
  • The Western Book of Life and Death
  • Life is Presence
  • When the Iron Birds Fly, the Dharma Shall Come to the West
  • Teachings of an Immortal
  • The Song of Eternity
  • From Meditation to Love
  • Meditation, Love, and Freedom
  • Loving the Spiritual Path
  • Spiritual Realisation
  • From Islam to Sufism
  • ...