The fruits of the Teaching, when it is practiced, are so numerous that it is difficult for me to make an exhaustive list. Nevertheless, I have observed the following:
  • physically: a general improvement in my health, greater vitality, less fatigue; gradual disappearance of my bodily tensions, better perception and control of my body. My body has truly become a tool at the service of the perception of what is real, and of the realisation of the goals I have set myself.
  • emotionally: a diminishing of fears, anxiety, and immature reactions when I am faced with unpleasant situations or people, an opening up to other people, increased feelings of joy.
  • intellectually: development of clear and right thinking. Diminishing of negative thought schemas that used to dominate my life.
Globally speaking, I would say that I have a better understanding of life, and a better capacity for adaptation : I place my goals before me, and their realisation is connected with my practice of the Teaching and my evolution.

GC - Economist - age 36