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Register with the School
How to register? If your sincere search leads you to wish to become a member of our School, we propose that you first inform yourself sufficiently about our Teaching.
To this end, before being able to participate in a group or attend a course or seminar, and before meeting the instructor personally, you may sign up to receive the first courses by mail:
  • Registration fee: 23,00 €uros
  • Monthly fee: 50,00 €uros.
This monthly fee includes 4 courses that will be sent to you by mail. During this period we can, upon your specific request, place you in contact with one of our advanced pupils or coordinators.
If, after 6 months, you continue to be interested, a direct contact may then be possible.
Nonetheless, in order to deter those who are simply curious, after six months and if you persevere in your determination to be in the Work, you will be asked to write an autobiography, kept strictly confidential, to Selim Aïssel, in order to support your request for admission and confirm the relation of mutual trust between you and the School.

Creation of groups...

The School of PA trains coordinators. Their role is to organise and direct (sometimes after having themselves created) a Work group.
They are provided with study materials and receive the necessary material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual assistance.

A coordinator should have the following qualities:

  • A sense of responsibility and reliability,
  • Commitment on an inner path (or prior commitment in the context of other Teachings, before recognising their limits and insufficiencies),
  • An understanding of the meaning and objectives of PA, and a desire to participate in these objectives actively and creatively.

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