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Plan du site...
Objective of the School Objective of the School and of this web site.
Psychoanthropology What is PA?Description of the School of Psychoanthropology and its origins.
Who are the pupils?What the pupils of the School of Psychoanthropology are seeking.
Nature of the TeachingDescription of the Path proposed by the Teaching.
To learn moreDifferent forms in which the Teaching is communicated : books, DVDs, etc.
ReferencesA few recommended books, films, and recordings.
Testimonials Pupil testimonials.
Laws and principles Examples of laws and principles of the Teaching.
Life at the School Description of a typical day during a weekend course.
Contact the Teaching Register with the SchoolPractical aspects.
Contact usOur contact information.
FAQ FAQFrequently asked questions.
Submit your questionsA space open for questions.
Methods A practical basis for work.
I am a pupil... A conclusion of the tour of Psychoanthropology offered by this web site.
Glossary Definitions of some of the terms used in the Teaching at the School.
Other sites A few recommended links.
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