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Who are the pupils?
In all times and places, there have existed men and women who have sensed in themselves a nostalgia for the Beautiful, True, Just, or Higher.
They sense that in themselves, in other people, and around them, a higher, more beautiful dimension exists, and it to this that they aspire.
They are searching for this dimension, concretely.

They know that in other places, other men and other women share the same aspirations.

These men and women are seeking to understand the profound meaning of their life and destiny.

Their spiritual path may lead them to meet a school in which the necessary methods are taught for arriving one day, perhaps, at this truth. In these Schools, the knowledge is transmitted which has flowed from the sources of spiritual wisdom over the ages, from the great mystery centers: the Egyptian mysteries, the secret monasteries of the Dervishes, the Gnostics, the Cathars, or the Zen temples, to name only a few, across the chain of initiates and masters.

In these places, a living Master transmits a living knowledge that is adapted to his time and his pupils.

This Master teaches his pupils the Work necessary in order to be liberated from everything that imprisons them, from everything that is lowest in themselves, all of their illusions, in order to attain - through their study and efforts - the state of harmony, peace, and freedom to which they aspire.

From this inner state they are then able to help other people access this knowledge and these methods.
Today, in Alsace in the foothills of the Vosges mountains in eastern France, one of these Schools exists.

The tourist guides refer to this region as the "wine route." But here we are invited to partake of a completely different wine, namely the wine of Knowledge.

This Knowledge is transmitted by a Spiritual Master, Selim Aïssel, around which men and women of all horizons and all walks of society gather at the end of every week.
Selim Aïssel teaches them the foundations of a millenium-old knowledge and spiritual practice, adapted, however, to the contingencies of our day and age.

A spiritual master is not someone one obeys, but someone from whom one comes to learn something, something that he has himself put into practice after studying it with his own masters.
Here, as in all the genuine traditions, the Master is at once a friend and guide on the Path.

For over 20 years, Selim Aissel has been transmitting the knowledge and practical methods of his modern spiritual psychology with insight and humor.
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