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A few stories...
The greatest obstacle to awakening...
To those who came to my Master's Master with the words, "I am seeking Truth, Knowledge, or Awakening," he would reply, "You can begin to follow my teaching once you are capable of having the following two attitudes: to agree to do what you do not want to do, and agree not to do what you want to do."
In truth, the greatest obstacle on the Path to Awakening is "I want."
Imprisoned in your ignorance...
Someone asked my Master's Master the following question:
- "Why don't you speak simply and clearly, in a language that everybody can understand?"
The Master replied:
- "Because I don't want to be like you!"
A few days later, someone asked him the same question:
- "Why do you explain things in such a complicated way, so unclear, so far-removed from the usual way of talking?"
And the Master replied:
- "I know what I have to transmit and I transmit it. It is my duty to do so. Everything I do and everything I say obeys this necessity. If I did things the way you wanted me to, according to your expectations, you would never be able to evolve toward awakening and would remain imprisoned in your ignorance forever."
The end of the world...
- Mulla, do you know what's going to happen at the end of the world ?
- Which end of the world?
- What do you mean? How many are there, then?
- Two; the big one and the little one. If my wife passes away, it's the little end of the world. If I'm the one that dies, then it's the big end of the world.
One or the other...
In Nasrudin's village there lived two twin brothers. One day he heard that one of the brothers had just died. Seeing the other brother on the street, he ran up to him: "Which one of you two is dead?"
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