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The Nature of the Teaching
Our Teaching is not a religion. It does not require any form of faith and proposes that we proceed along the following four stages:
  • Understand its principles intellectually.
  • Reflect on them personally after applying them.
  • After understanding the principle, reflecting on and applying it, we are able to perceive its truth. At this moment we begin to have an emotional connection with the Path.
  • Our knowledge of the Path gives us the energy to act in our lives...
The Teaching of Selim Aïssel is based on the Fourth Way. This teaching is in evolution, adapted to current conditions, and Selim Aïssel has called this enrichment the Fifth Way ("out of respect for the Fourth Way and for all who shall come afterwards").

The Fifth Way...

In order to reconnect ourselves with the Force of the Origin, the path is twofold:
  • Firstly, the path of effort and will, of study and service ;
  • And secondly, the path not of the renunciation of effort and will, but of the renunciation of egoistic will, in which we seek to enter into resonance with a greater Force; this is the Fifth Way.
These two paths are complementary, the first being a preparation for the second.
When a person succeeds in harmonising, in immobility and silence, his physical body, emotional center, and intellectual center, it is possible that the Force of the Origin may enter him. When a person places himself in the upright position, the position that is truly human, and abandons his usual thoughts, emotions, desires, and movements, surrendering himself to the movement of his soul or the movement of the Origin, the true process of the awakening of his soul and his essence may begin.
Today we are living at an epoch in which every human being is capable of experiencing the force of his own soul or the force of the Origin directly, without any external aid and without any ritual. This force has become accessible to any person who so desires. All he has to do is to want the contact, to be ready to entrust himself to his own soul, to this force which is greater than himself, the force of life, evolution, and the awakening of the soul.
Fourth Way
O Son of the Earth,
I want to teach you
to understand my Teaching.
It is the eye given you by Eternity
To see what is just
And what is not
To see what is hidden
And read the whispers of the lips of silence.

Verse "Understand my Teaching"
- Selim Aïssel -
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