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Impertinent Spiritual Thoughts...

I address these pages to the Seekers of Truth…

Note: These lines can be read at different levels:

  • at the surface level ;
  • at the second level, for intelligent people who have a sense of humor ;
  • and at the third level, for seekers of truth.
These few principles will give you a foretaste of the Teaching, as it were. Consider them as an initial presentation, but do not expect to understand them fully, even if they evoke in you a feeling of truth.

  1. It is only possible to evolve with the aid of certain knowledge and the application of certain techniques.

  2. Evolution is only possible for a small number of men and women, since some lack the intelligence, others the will, and both are necessary. In addition, the vast majority of people have no interest in this evolution.

  3. Nature has left man at a certain level of evolution, the level of a higher animal endowed with three faculties (also called brains or centers) that function automatically and mechanically - namely the physical, emotional, and intellectual centers. There is nothing higher in these faculties, and there is nothing in man that persists after death unless, during the course of his life, he "does" something to develop another faculty in himself, which is referred to as his "higher centers"; religions also call this the "soul" or "spirit."

  4. The difference between other philosophical, religious, or spiritual organisations and ourselves: the Work.

  5. Believe nothing and reject nothing, but examine and verify everything until you have understood.

  6. You are not what you think of yourself. You are what you think.

  7. Oppositions are not a source of conflict, but the means of mobilising additional forces in order to create new situations.

  8. You are looking for an intelligent and intelligible system? You have found it ... provided you have the desire to try its propositions consciously and enough self-discipline. The Fourth Way is a complete and living system, addressed not just to the body, but also to the heart and mind. Psychoanthropology adapts this system to the conditions of life in our world of today.

  9. Inner peace is not comfort! What do you want? Peace or comfort? Peace is the result of efforts, comfort is tied to laziness.

  10. You have personal or psychological problems with someone ? Think about it: you have a problem with yourself.

  11. Neither your intellectual curiosity nor your emotional enthusiasm are sufficient for you to progress in the Work. Realise the necessity of a teaching, with a living instructor or Master, and in a School.
...Excerpt from the book, "When the Iron Birds Fly..." - Selim Aïssel
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