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The objective of the School
What is the objective of our School ?
spiritual evolution
A Spiritual Teaching
in the 21st century

The question of Knowledge and Truth is an essential priority for certain people. Rare in every generation, they live among other people, in the current of ordinary life.

The School of Psychoanthropology is a School of Wisdom where an instructor, Selim Aïssel, gives a Teaching.

The goal of this teaching is to indicate a path toward self-discovery, which leads in turn to a more objective truth about ourselves and to a liberation from our conditioning as well as the detrimental influences of certain events of our lives. It is a path of inner spiritual evolution, bringing us closer to what is most profound and true in us, our essence.

Why did we create this web site?
The realisation of what is highest in oneself at the service of other people necessarily begins with the incarnation of the first principles in all the Schools of Wisdom, inscribed upon the gate of the Mystery School at Delphi:
  1. " Know thyself, and you shall know the gods and the universe " ;
  2. " Nothing in excess ".
Teachings given by a living spiritual master are rare. The classical means of dissemination (oral tradition, books) are no longer sufficient to make such a Teaching known to a greater number of people. The goal of this web site is to make it possible for a greater number of people to know of the existence of such a Teaching.
What can be found here?
On this web site can be found some of the Teaching's most basic principles, but above all, how to contact this Teaching if you are interested in pursuing it further.
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School of Psychoanthropology