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" I do not ask you to believe, but to do.
Acquired knowledge does not become living knowledge until you have thought about it for yourself. "
(Selim Aïssel)
These words invite us to understand, reflect on, and try out what this Teaching proposes to us.
It is necessary to practice the Teaching in order to understand it, and to verify for ourselves so that we may be transformed.

The Essential Components of Work on the Path...
At every moment, and in every circumstance:
  1. I observe myself and I practice self-remembering in order to progressively know myself better.
  2. I struggle against inner considering.
  3. I do not identify myself with the partial difficulties I may encounter, in order to progress toward my profound identity.
  4. I do not manifest my negative emotions in order to not waste my energy uselessly and to not pollute other people.
  5. I stop my internal chatter, since most of the time it leads only to a loss of energy.
  6. I devote my attention to what is here and now, since life is here and now.
  7. I stop daydreaming, I am present to my body: what I see, what I hear, how I move, and how I enter into contact with the reality of the moment.
  8. I accept with equanimity both what is pleasant and what is unpleasant.
  9. I do not judge, do not justify, and do not manipulate, neither myself nor other people.
  10. I assume responsibility for what I think, what I feel, and what I do.
  11. I am responsible and do not allow myself to be ruled by the "you must" or "you ought to" that another person would like to impose on me, while at the same time complying with the laws of the society and country in which I am living.
  12. I find the patience to accept what cannot be changed, the courage to change what can be changed, and the discernment to know the difference between the two.

By understanding my true being, and by being present to life as it is, I can go beyond my illusions about myself and my lying to other people. And only by sacrificing these illusions is it possible for me to realise myself.

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