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This glossary includes a list of terms used in Psychoanthropology and in the Fourth Way. They are not all used on the present site.

Buffers Law of Three
Daydreaming Lower centers (or the 3 centers)
Enneagram Lying
Essence Meditation
External considering Meditative movements
Feature (chief) Negative emotions
Features (negative) Non-identification
Five basic principles Personality
Force of the Origin Presence
Fourth Way Psychoanthropology (or PA)
Higher centers Requirements (or demands)
"I" (higher) School
"I's" (little) Self-observation
Identification Self-remembering
Influences of type A - B and C States of consciousness (four)
Inner considering Verses
 Internal chatter Way or Path
Impressions Ways (the 5)
Justification Work
Law of the Octave Work (three lines of)
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